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A vs P

2010-09-24 10:43:16 by LoveLaurenn

Next drawing, ALien vs predator picture i threw together. Its coming along, cant wait til i finish it. Ive only drawn the Alien right now, next is the predator which should be too time consuming.

A vs P


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2010-09-24 10:44:06

*shouldnt be too time comsuming.
It is hard to make the alien look wet and glossy


2010-09-24 12:55:54

thats a shit load of shading youve gotta do! looking forward to the finished product...btw i like your Ezio. i need to get to drawing again too...


2010-10-02 01:45:04

stopped drawing it.. and im having a problem starting it back up to finish it.. errrr